2000-01 CYLINDER HEAD 5.4L V8 – VIN L

1. Remove the engine. See ENGINE . Remove the flexplate or flywheel. Mount the engine on a suitable
work stand. Remove exhaust manifold. See EXHAUST MANIFOLD .
2. Remove timing chains. See TIMING CHAINS . Remove cylinder head bolts in reverse order of tightening sequence. See Fig. 5 . Remove cylinder head and gasket.

Check cylinder head for warpage, cracks and damage. See CYLINDER HEAD table under ENGINE
SPECIFICATIONS. Repair or replace cylinder head as necessary.

1. Ensure proper gaskets are installed. Right and left cylinder head gaskets are not interchangeable. Install
crankshaft holder. Install camshaft holder, one on each head.
2. Install cylinder heads and retaining bolts. Torque bolts in sequence and to specification. See Fig. 5 . See
TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Tighten nuts and
bolts to specification.

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