Engine is identified by eighth character of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). See ENGINE
IDENTIFICATION CODES table. VIN is located on top of instrument panel, near lower left corner of
windshield. VIN is also stamped on Vehicle Certification (VC) label mounted on left door pillar.

Engine code labels are located in engine compartment, in front of radiator and on right valve cover. Label
contains engine calibration number, engine build date, engine plant code and engine code.

Emission calibration number label is located on upper radiator shield. This label identifies engine calibration
number, engine code number and revision level. Numbers from labels are required when ordering replacement

Windsor and Romeo engine plants are producing the 4.6L engine. There are several differences between these
engines and many parts are not interchangeable.

The best way to determine manufacturer is by the VIN number. VIN W is a Romeo engine. VIN 6 is Windsor
engine. There are a couple external differences. The right valve cover on Windsor engine has 14 bolts, Romeo
engine has 11 bolts. Also on Windsor engine there is a W stamped on each valve cover in area of camshaft

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