2000-01 FRONT COVER 5.4L V8 – VIN L

1. Disconnect negative battery cable(s). Remove valve covers. See VALVE COVERS . Remove radiator.
Remove water pump. See WATER PUMP . Raise and support vehicle. Remove power steering pump
retaining bolts, and position aside. Disconnect crankshaft position sensor harness connector. Drain engine
oil. Remove oil pan-to-front cover bolts.
2. Lower vehicle. Remove front oil seal. See FRONT CRANKSHAFT SEAL . Disconnect camshaft
position sensor harness connector. Remove accessory drive belt. Remove left side accessory drive belt
idler pulley. Remove front cover retaining bolts. Remove front cover and gasket.

To install, reverse removal procedure. Apply sealant at front cover-to-oil pan, cylinder block and valve cover
areas. Apply silicone sealant to keyway of crankshaft damper before installing. Tighten bolts to specification in
sequence. See Fig. 7 . See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS .

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