1. Remove fuel cap to release fuel tank pressure. Connect EFI Pressure Gauge to relief valve on right rear corner of fuel rail. Release pressure using valve on pressure gauge.
2. Before disconnecting fuel lines, disconnect negative battery cable. To disconnect fuel lines, remove retaining clip from outside of fuel line coupling.
3. Install Spring Lock Coupling Remover (D87L-9280-A for 3/8″ line; D87L-9280-B for 1/2″ line) on fuel line coupling so it enters cage opening. See Fig. 1 .
4. Push spring lock coupling remover into cage opening to release female fitting from garter spring. Pull couplings apart. Remove spring lock coupling remover.
5. When installing fuel lines, fit NEW fuel resistant “O” rings (Brown) on fuel lines. Before installing, lightly coat “O” rings with clean engine oil. Clean fittings, and replace garter spring (if necessary).
6. Install female fitting to male fitting and push until garter spring snaps over flared end of female fitting. Ensure lines lock together and garter spring is over female fitting flared end.
7. Install retaining clip. Install Black retaining clip on fuel supply line and Gray clip on fuel return line. Ensure horseshoe portion of clip is over coupling. DO NOT install retaining clip over rubber fuel line.

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