2000-01 INTAKE MANIFOLD 4.6L V8 – VIN W & 6

Removal (Upper & Lower)
1. Disconnect negative battery cable(s). Remove engine cover. Release fuel pressure and disconnect fuel
lines. See FUEL PRESSURE RELEASE & FUEL LINE CONNECTIONS . Drain cooling system.
Disconnect upper radiator hose from thermostat housing. Remove air cleaner and outlet tube assembly.
Remove throttle body. Remove EGR manifold tube.
2. Disconnect necessary vacuum and water connections. Disconnect necessary wiring connections. Remove
spark plug wires. Remove accessory drive belt. Remove alternator. Remove upper intake manifold-to-head retaining bolts in reverse order of tightening sequence. See Fig. 2 .
3. Lift upper and lower intake manifold assembly. Disconnect electrical connector at manifold tuning valve,
and remove intake manifold assembly from vehicle. Remove upper intake manifold-to-lower intake
manifold mounting bolts. Remove pushpin retainer from front of manifold insulator. Separate manifold
insulator from lower intake manifold. See Fig. 1 . Separate upper and lower intake manifolds.

1. To install, reverse removal procedure. Use NEW gaskets and “O” rings. Lubricate fuel injector “O” rings
with Light Grade Oil (ESE-M2C39-F) before installing.

CAUTION: Intake manifold bolts must be retightened to specification after
engine has reached normal operating temperature.

Ensure alignment tabs on intake manifold gaskets align with holes in cylinder head. Tighten upper intake
manifold to lower intake manifold bolts to specification in sequence. See Fig. 2 . Tighten upper intake
manifold-to-head bolts to specification in sequence. See Fig. 3 . See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS .
3. When installing fuel lines, fit NEW fuel resistant “O” rings (Brown) on fuel lines. Lightly coat “O” rings
with clean engine oil before installing. Clean fittings, and replace garter spring (if necessary).
4. To install remaining components, reverse removal procedure. Adjust all control cables and fluid levels.
Refill cooling system. When installing spark plug wires, ensure wires are in correct position on coils. See

Exploded View Of Upper & Lower Intake Manifold

Upper Intake Manifold-To-Lower Intake Manifold Bolt Tightening Sequence

Upper Intake Manifold-To-Head Bolt Tightening Sequence

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