2000-01 THERMOSTAT 5.4L V8 – VIN L

1. Partially drain the cooling system. Disconnect the upper radiator hose. Remove the 2 thermostat housing
bolts. Remove the thermostat housing. See Fig. 14 .
2. Remove the thermostat and the “O” ring seal. See . Discard the “O” ring seal.

1. Use a new “O” ring seal to position the thermostat in the upper intake manifold. Install the thermostat
housing and the bolts. Tighten bolts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . Connect the
upper radiator hose. Fill and the cooling system.
2. Start the engine and allow to idle until normal operating temperature is reached. The engine coolant
temperature gauge should maintain a stabilized reading in the middle of the NORMAL range and the
upper radiator hose should feel hot to the touch. Shut the engine off and allow it to cool. Check the engine
for coolant leaks. Check the engine coolant level and fill as necessary.

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