2000-01 TIMING CHAINS 5.4L V8 – VIN L

1. Remove front cover. See FRONT COVER . Remove crankshaft position sensor pulse wheel from
crankshaft. Using crankshaft positioner, position crankshaft as shown in illustration. See Fig. 8 . Install
camshaft holder, one on each cylinder head.
2. Remove right and left timing chain tensioners. Remove timing chain tensioner guides. Remove crankshaft
positioner. Remove right and left timing chains and crankshaft sprockets. Remove timing chain guides.

Inspect components for damage. Inspect friction surfaces on tensioner arms and chain guides for wear. Replace
components if necessary. If tensioner arms or guides are worn or damaged, remove and clean oil pan. Also,
replace oil pump screen cover and tube.

1. Using edge of a vise, compress tensioner plunger. Using a small screwdriver, release ratchet mechanism
and retract ratchet arm. While holding ratchet arm in, install paper clip to hold ratchet assembly and
plunger in place during installation. See Fig. 9 .
2. If copper links are not visible, fold timing chain in half and mark 2 links on one end and one link on other
end of timing chains. See Fig. 10 . Install timing chain guides. Using crankshaft positioner, ensure that
crankshaft is aligned properly. See Fig. 8 .
3. Install right and left timing chains. Ensure timing marks and copper link are properly aligned. See Fig.
12 . Install timing chain tensioner guides. Install timing chain tensioners. Remove paper clip from timing
chain tensioners. Complete installation by reversing removal procedure. Tighten all nuts and bolt to
specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS .

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